Doug and I continue to ask for wisdom from the Lord as we lead this ministry to help those in ministry with technology needs for a global great commission impact.  Please download our quarterly newsletter to learn more.

Transition has been the key word for the year, and I am thankful for how God has provided in ways beyond our imagination. My family has transitioned from our home in North Ridgeville to our newer house in Elyria, which provides me an office and is extremely close to the Christian school where we send our children. Plus, I enjoy looking out the back window to the many large fields of crops that the local farmer is growing.

New equipment has been provided for Doug and me, as we needed to upgrade our laptops so we could continue the tasks necessary for our ministry. Through some donations from individuals and churches, we were able to get quality computers. We were also able to give some of our reconditioned equipment to a ministry leader and a brand new laptop to a pastor from Liberia.

summer16leadWe are in talks with several men who are interested in serving with TechMin on a full-time basis, and we seek God’s will on how this would be possible. The need is great, the desire is full, but the resources are few at the moment. We trust the Lord’s provision and wisdom as we pursue next steps for TechMin.

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