I have been studying Ps. 119

Here at TechMin we have a passion to equip those in ministry with technology tools. I know this is not what the verse means, but it still is meaningful to give technology tools to those in ministry. We were able to give away a laptop and an iPad. I was contacted by one of our board members about a need for a pastor from Liberia who was in the states for the GARBC conference. Even though he had never had a computer of his own, he recognized the value computers can have in ministry, even in Liberia. We quickly looked around for a good laptop to give him and were able to find a decent one for around $400. We did not hesitate to buy it, even though we hadn’t raised the funds for an opportunity like this. He would be traveling back to Africa soon, so we had little time to assist him. Read his response and see how we also helped the Ukraine Womens Center in our recent Newsletter.  We also share about our Trip to Rio and Slovenia.  PLUS, a ministry review on the Mevo.

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