Meet The Team

Chris Brown

Chris has given his life to serve those who serve in ministry.  He started out as a youth pastor in NY.  His church sent him out to do technology mission work, and he hasn’t looked back.  His passion is to equip those on the front line of ministry to with technology for the great commission.  He will do whatever he can to help out.  He is a “jack of all trades and master of nothing”.   Chris will surround himself with good people to accomplish what God is directing to do.   He is a full time missionary supported director of this ministry.  He has 4 wonderful kids and 1 amazing wife (Amy).  

Doug Murray

Doug is a man after God’s own heart, and will give of himself for others 10 times out of 10!  He is an incredibly hard worker and dedicated father.  He brings accountability and balance to the team.  He is gifted in counseling, financial stewardship, process, management and technology software development.  As an assistant director in TechMin, He is crucial to the growth and stability as we serve those who are serving Christ. 

Board Members

Chris Hindal

I have pastored three churches for a combined 30 years and now currently the Director of the International Ministry of the GARBC.

Larry Strong

I am currently retired. I worked for over 30 years with the Internal Revenue Service. My wife and I have been to Nepal (3 times), Romania and Italy.

Eric Vanderburg

Director, Information Systems and Security at JURINNOV. Also known as the Internet Sheriff.

Steve Strong

I have had the privilege of ministering in the same church since 1999. The first 13 as Youth Pastor and now
as the Lead Pastor.

Ben Wilhite

Executive Director of Pilgrimage Educational Resources
My passion is to invest in the development of Kingdom people and resources that
equip and enable local churches to accomplish their mission