cbmugwebsite“We are dedicated to assisting those in christian ministry with their technology needs for a global impact” 

Director Chris Brown

SINCE 2001

For His Glory!

Helping those in ministry with effective use of technology

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Who We Help

  • Missionaries
  • Ministries
  • Church Planters
  • Christian Non-Profits
  • Established Churches
  • Mission Agencies

How We Are Funded

  • Online Donations
  • Church Missions Giving
  • Project fundss
  • Individual Supporters
  • Non-Profits Covering Costs

Goals For Growth

  • Add Staff
  • Develop Projects That Further The Gospel
  • Strengthen Church Partnerships


Them To Serve

Provide tools and equipment to help others be more effective in ministry.

DVD Duplication, USB, Computers, Projection, Email, Websites and many more resources.


To Be Effective

Teaching and Training on subjects that help leaders and families in our culture.

Seminar Recording, workshops, one on one, international travel.


Tech Coaching

Technology Coaching, email support, answering questions, and consulting with those in ministry.



Empowering those gifted in areas of technology to serve our Lord how they were created.