For years I have encouraged people in ministry to populate their websites with content that will draw attention and traffic, as well as to put good content out there. I decided I should listen to my own advice. I am not a great writer, so I decided to go with one of my strengths – talking. Almost every Friday at 1 pm, I go live on Facebook and talk about a topic, along with other things related to TechMin. I have done 10 live sessions on a variety of topics at different locations. Usually several attend it live with me, but most of my viewers come after the fact. All combined, there have been over 2,000 views on Facebook, with over 7,000 people reached (not that this number means much, but it’s a way to track exposure).

The downside of doing these sessions under our ministry page is that Facebook doesn’t notify TechMin followers when we go live, like they do when a user goes live and Facebook sends out notification to all friends and followers. We do, however, post throughout the week, telling what topic we will discuss and that we will be live at 1 pm on Fridays. This helps inform our followers.

I have also posted the videos from the live sessions on our website for easy access when others want to learn about one of the topics. You can view the videos at www.techmin.org/fridaylive.

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