circletogologo3With the increase of the saturation of technology in our culture and with the average teenager spending nine hours a day of screen time, we American Christians need to be able to help our families monitor and filter content. There are great tools to help filter content at home, but it has always been a struggle to filter the content on the mobile data on smartphones or tablets.

In the last newsletter we reviewed a new device called Circle that helps protect the home content and internet usage. The companion to that is the Circle To Go subscription, which takes the same settings and integration you have set up at home for your devices and puts them on the road with the mobile data. You are still able to filter and control the content on these devices even while they are not connected to your home network. This is a game changer for families to help protect each family member from the junk of the internet. I would go into the details about how it works, but I would lose 99 percent of our readers.

My family has been testing this out for just over a month now with a couple devices as well as my daughter’s mobile iPhone. We have been very pleased with the ability we have to help her navigate through the internet. We are able to see her usage as well as set limits on many things. It really couldn’t get any easier!  My only negative feedback so far is that if you need to make any changes or settings adjustment to the mobile data filtering or usage, you must be at home where the Circle filter device is located. Therefore, you must own a Circle filtering device (which you can buy at BestBuy or online for $99) and then pay $10 for the Circle To Go subscription that allows up to 10 devices.

PC Magazine did a good review that gets more detailed here –