Posted – Jan. 26, 2018   –  I had the opportunity to rent a Sling Studio for an event and I wanted to do a visual review and demo of the product. The Sling Studio is a easy and “slick” tool for mixing video.  I had an issue with the audio during the demo, but thats because i didn’t fully understand all the settings (my bad).  The only draw back that there is with this product (and its not that big a deal), is that you must have a newer iPad to run it.  Now, this makes complete sense cause of the many awesome features it has, like visibly seeing the live video on your screen and ability to drag and drop to go live among many things.  Being able to play stored mp4 files from the storage media is awesome!!!   I mention in the review that one other bummer in my book is the limitation of only having 4 inputs at one time, whether its videos, cameras, or hdmi input.  Overall this is a GREAT product for a ministry needing to do multi camera mixing to record locally or even stream out to facebook.