10380718_4217612974829_103611914479265056_oTechnology is such a vital part of Church ministry but is often given very little attention in comparison to other aspects of ministry. My passion is to produce high quality video and design work for Churches in the future. Unfortunately, since I’m young, I don’t have a large amount of ministry connections. This makes it difficult to get chosen to do work for churches. That’s where Technology Ministry Network comes in. They are connected to a large number of pastors, churches, and ministry organizations, allowing them to act as the middle man between them and young creatives like myself. In November 2015, TMN connected me with Desert Hills Baptist Church in Buckeye, Arizona. The church flew me to their town where I spent the weekend filming a series of events leading up to their annual Open House service on Sunday. Not only was I able to serve the church by producing a video for them but I was also able to increase my connections in church ministry, potentially opening up the door to film future events. I couldn’t be more thankful to TMN for the opportunity they provided me and look forward to future opportunities they will make available to me!

Josiah O’Boyle


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