Sample image to translate

What do you do when an international partner sends you a document you need translated, but it’s an image file embedded in a word doc (happens all the time to me!).  Well the first process is to remove the images from the word document. One of the easiest ways to export images out of a document (without copy/paste) is to save the document as a webpage. The images are then stored in a folder in the directory Where you saved the doc as a webpage (html).  After you locate the images with the text,  you will need to converted it, proceed to and go through the steps to upload the image to convert the text from the image to editable text. I usually select “plain text,” and the captured text is stuck into a text field below the form. You can then take that text and copy/paste it into the environment where you need it. We then used Google Translate to help us understand the basics of the content of the image.

Here is the quote from an individual we helped with this process:

“You’re the man, once again. It’s just what I needed. I gathered that it was not an easy process.”

The best part is that it wasn’t that hard, but it makes you look like a genius!

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